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I bought this car in April 2000. It belonged to my sisters' father-in-law who bought it some time in the mid-1970's. His wife wanted it out of the garage after he retired. We haggled a little bit, but we settled on $800 because it was going to need some work to get going. I spent about $1,500 at the time on basic mechanical work, a battery, and a new set of tires.

I drove the MGB to work for a year in 2000-01, while we still lived in Austin, TX. Once we moved to Oklahoma, we had kids at that point and a lot of things going on in our lives. The MGB was another fun toy now relegated to occasional use, between t-ball games, parent-teacher conferences, and doctor appointments.

At some point, the MGB earned a name and gender. She is now called "Pearline". My son drove her to his Senior Prom (and put a dent in the front fender). My daughter and her friend took their Junior Prom photos with Pearline, but their prom was cancelled due to COVID.

In the Summer of 2020, I decided to invest some money in Pearline. There are articles on my blog that document the story.